About Event

One of the objectives of the Nepal Ex- Sportsman Forum the organizer of this event, is to project the beautiful country of Nepal in the sports map of the world. The forum in its first meeting unanimously agreed to organize an International Marathon in Pokhara, a place known as a city of joy. The concept, no doubt, is to follow the theme and outcome of the successful organization of the City Marathon in different parts of the world with the following objectives:-

  1. To provide the nation in Sports Map of the World.
  2. To promote the feeling of “Sports for Peace and Health”
  3. To give exposure to the potential athletes.
  4. To bring together all the best available national and international athletes at one platform fostering better understanding mutual co-operation, and fellowship among the participants.
  5. To strengthen the development of tourism in Pokhara, Nepal, through sports.
  6. Bridging Sports to SDG .

The Potentiality of Pokhara
The choice of Pokhara for a Marathon is justified, as Pokhara is best suited for the event from all perspectives. The close proximity of the enchanting Machhapuchhree (Fish Tail) and the Annapurna Himalayan range and the uninterrupted panoramic view, beautiful lakes, surrounding mountains and hills have adorned this valley to cultural tradition and society of different ethnicity. The various social activities such as sports, arts and literature complement the natural beauty of the valley and combining together they contribute to attracting the tourists from different corners of the world. That is why it is often said-“Pokhara is not only the land of natural beauty but also the land of Creativity” The terrain and pleasant climate of Pokhara also provide a hospitable environment for Sports Tourism. Pokhara, itself has a rich sports culture, producing athletes and sportsmen of high distinction, who have represented the country in various international games.

The Ex-sportsman Forum Nepal, Pokhara in association with the National Sports Council, Nepal Olympic Committee, Nepal Amateur Athletics Association, Kathmandu and The Tourism board of Nepal has successfully conducted The Thirteen editions of Pokhara Marathon From 2002-2018. The Tourism Board of Nepal has incorporated this event in their annual calendar.